Mephisto: More Than Your Average Extra Curricular

Leipzig’s student run local radio broadcast station, mephisto 97.6, commemorated 18 years in operation on May 31, 2013.

Those involved with the radio station gathered at the Moritzbastei Friday evening with bands, a DJ, and drinks to honor mephisto.

Andreas, who is in mephisto’s public relations department, helped prepare the party. He said that because mephisto has become such a great organization, it was a pleasure to prepare such an event.

“In one word, I can just say it was a very amazing party. So many people were there enjoying, having fun and it was very cool,” he said.

There is a lot to celebrate with mephisto because of how far the organization has come in the years since it first began.

Mephisto’s first broadcast was in May of 1995 with the opening words coming from Tim Deisinger. The initial thought of a radio station run by university students came from the Institute of Communication and Media Studies founding dean. Dr. Karl Friedrich Reimers joined his professional counterparts and other students to work on founding the radio station 20 years ago this year.

When the Media Council of the Saxon State Authority for Commercial Broadcasting and New Media heard the idea of Friedrich and others, the contract to broadcast for a maximum of six hours daily was created.

Amidst show format changes, mephisto remained in their first building that was constructed during the GDR period until 2009. Then, it moved to a new studio with updated technology and facilities.

Mephisto has given students an opportunity to participate in radio news ever since. The station has grown to be a respected news source in Leipzig because of it’s success producing satire, political, sports, and cultural stories.

Students of the University of Leipzig volunteer their time to gain experience in the world of news while working in a real-life setting. It doesn’t matter the level of experience a student has, they can get started as a reporter and work their way up to an editor.

Felix Schmidt, a student who spends much of his time at mephisto, says that being a part of mephisto began as just an addition to his classes but ended up becoming more important than them. He said that what he learns with mephisto is more useful to him than what he learns in class and is fun at the same time.

“I have met so many great friends. It really changes your life.”

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